Urbanity Dreams is an Australian company specialising in the residential construction industry. We provide a tailored service for clients looking at building a new house and realizing their dream.

Urbanity offers you a bespoke service and can assist you from simply providing a review of your builder tender or guide you from the very beginning of the process with design, structural, inclusions and selection of the builder best suited for your project.


We put clients in the driving seat by guiding them through the process and providing independent advice, and not letting builders dictate what you can or cannot have.​ Our success is driven by our high professional standards and our focus on disciplined project delivery, risk management and robust due diligence.


The company draws on its diverse industry experience and in-depth understanding of the current market to deliver credible, impactful and innovative results which guarantee customer satisfaction. Clients of Urbanity Dreams can be assured that their best interest is kept ahead of anything else.

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Benefits to you are:

  • Peace of Mind & Independent advice -Urbanity works for you and has your interests at heart. Our service gives you the knowledge of the process to assist you in making an informed decision.

  • Investment Savings - Urbanity will get involved in price negotiations and conduct a thorough due diligence on your tender and building contract.

  • Time Efficiency - Most people wanting to build are already busy with their daily lives and dealing with all the pre-construction processes take an enormous amount of time. With Urbanity on your side and working with you on your Dream, the time line is considerably shortened.

How much does it cost?

Urbanity’s fees reflects the quality of service we provide and are offset by the savings derived from efficiencies in Project optimization, budget and time saved. The Fee structure is determined by specific project requirements, including its size, scope and  complexity.


The Fees for the above services are paid by the CLIENT (not the Builders). Urbanity Dreams will be a Trusted Advisor acting Independently for the best interest of the Client.


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